what I did?

1 Nisan 2020

Spur Gear Forging Analysis with Upper-Bound Method

24 Ekim 2019

MA.Vision.Gauge – Computer Vision Asymmetric Spur Gear Measuring

31 Mart 2019

Developing Object Measurement and 2D Object Scanning Software using Python – OpenCV

5 Temmuz 2018

Granule Feeder Mechanism of BAAM Pellet Extruder

6 Mart 2018

Büyük Ölçekli Eklemeli İmalat (Large Scale Additive Manufacturing)

6 Mart 2018

Cnc Gear Hobbing Machine (Cnc DişliAzdırma Makinesi)

29 Temmuz 2017

Fanuc 300 APC Arızası (300 Absolute Pulse Coder Error)

2 Nisan 2017

Compression Spring Calculation “Pogo Stick”

8 Şubat 2016

3B Yazıcı Maceram (My 3D Printer Adventure)

28 Mayıs 2020
Nuclear energy is a low-carbon energy source that is vital to decreasing carbon emissions. A critical factor in its continued viability as a future energy source […]
28 Mayıs 2020
Concrete is one of the most durable building materials used in modern-day infrastructures, but it has a weakness — ice — which can cause it to […]
28 Mayıs 2020
Researchers reported how to give variations to single crystalline metal foils. Via the oxidation-led annealing plus seeded growth strategy, they obtained over 30 types of copper […]
28 Mayıs 2020
Researchers have developed new software that can be integrated with existing hardware to enable people using robotic prosthetics or exoskeletons to walk in a safer, more […]
28 Mayıs 2020
Electrical and computer engineers have developed an avalanche photodiode that achieved record performance and has the potential to transform next generation night-vision imaging and Light Detection […]
27 Mayıs 2020
Researchers at MIT and elsewhere have combined the power of a super collider with techniques of laser spectroscopy to precisely measure a short-lived radioactive molecule, radium […]
27 Mayıs 2020
Secrets to cementing the sustainability of our future infrastructure may come from nature, such as proteins that keep plants and animals from freezing in extremely cold […]
27 Mayıs 2020
Fitness tracker bracelets and watches provide useful information, such as step count and heart rate, but they usually can’t provide more detailed data about the wearer’s […]
27 Mayıs 2020
Scientists have developed a self-cleaning metallic surface. Engineers structured an aluminum plate with a laser process in such a way that water droplets no longer adhere […]